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Announcement of ACI System Application by Egyptian Customs

In compliance with Egyptian customs requirements, it has become mandatory for all Egyptian importers and origin exporters consigning goods to Egyptian sea ports to follow the new ACI regulations (Advanced Cargo Information) set by Egyptian customs authority with effect from 1st Oct 2021 as shipping date whereby importers of goods must input shipment information into the online customs platform named “Nafeza” and obtain an ACID number (Advanced Cargo Information Declaration) which must be mentioned by shipper on all shipping documents including B/L. Also, the new ACI system sets for uploading of shipping documents by shipper on a block-chain platform named CargoX. Failing compliance with ACI requirements, cargo will never be admitted for discharge into Egyptian ports and will be returned back to origin.Above is just a briefing outline, without responsibility, as every consignee and their shipper are fully responsible to check customs requirements and to ensure full compliance and complete liaison with all concerned parties in the shipping process including freight forwarding agents and shipping lines.